Monday, February 8, 2010

World Shoe & Accessories Convention in Vegas

Level 1 of 3 of the WSA--my feet started hurting just thinking about all the floors; yet they were already drooling (feet do that, some call it sweat) at all the amazing new styles.
This year's shoe convention, WSA-It Pays to Think Inside the Box, was amazing. Not only is it amazing to see all the new styles of shoes, but just the amount of work, creativity, and effort that goes into these trade show booths is inspiring.
One thing is for sure, you don't want to be wearing any of these sexy shoes below the day of the convention; I would actually recommend some type of orthopedic/athletic shoe. After 3 stories of nothing but shoes at the Mandalay Bay, I'm surprised I still have feet.

This year's theme--catchy don't you think?
Just some of the amazing trade show booths these companies come up with.
This booth was my favorite--I wished I could have taken more pictures, but it was complete with black crystal chandeliers. I wanted to live there.
New MaryJane-style pumps-get on my feet!
Denim and Studs--look for it this season
Who isn't a sucker for these chained, jeweled flats. It's like heavy metal meets comfortable
Just looking at these sandals made me dream of far away beaches and sunshine.

Taking last year's style and giving it some depth--can't go wrong here.
Classic shape with some stitching--It's "sew" cute, and with patent leather material--just stop.
Again with the sunshine and beaches, but maybe for lunch at a cafe in the Mediterranean
We saw this sandal in quite a few places--I love the color and movement
So we've toyed with the idea of starting a little girls line--this definitely increased our desire--Can we say Twigglets? What mom doesn't want her daughter wearing these little sandals?!
The clog sandals! Earthy leather and wood soles give a boho vibe, but the platform and super-high heel up the sex appeal.
Let's just say we learned a lot and are super excited for this upcoming year and all the new fashions!
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