Tuesday, May 31, 2011

!!!!! I have a problem !!!!!

The first step is admitting you have a problem! I confess to you all-I am addicted to using exclamation points! I use them all over my blog posts, e-mails and text messages. The funny thing is I am not that animated in real life. I don't know why, if someone asks me to go to lunch over text I feel the need to text-SURE! I could just say-sure that would be great. Now I feel like it's rude to not use them, but then when I read the text back I see that I have used one after every sentence!!! I have now joined EA (Exclamations Anonymous)-okay I made that up, but I am hoping there are other exclamation junkies out there to0, and it is not just me!

Here is my goal-to drastically reduce the amount of exclamtion points in my daily messaging-unless it's about new shoes because that IS exciting!!! Sorry, I just have to get out a few more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband called me out on this and now I am going to try "up" my writing skills. So for all you exclamation abusers out there-let's do this!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Have Our Winner...and a little something for everyone!!!


You are the GOLDEN GLITTERY winner!!!
Teishi Kennedy said...

I follow Twigg on your blog, facebook, and Twitter and I LOVE your fun shoes! Thanks for a great giveaway. (I'm also posting your giveaway on my blog because it's too good to resist.)
Teishi Kennedy

The most ironic and fun/amazing part about this is when we looked you up you have a blog called "I Need More Glitter." Ask and ye shall receive! We are so happy for you and only ask one thing. When you get these sparkling beauties that you get all fancy, snap us a quick shot and e-mail it back so we can post about this happy home. I am hoping to get everyone who buys a pair to send me a little pick so we can do an, "In Her Shoes..." chain of blogs. There are so many amazing women out there and I would love to get a glimpse of the streets you're walkin' and the styles you're rockin'! So Teishi e-mail us with your shoe size and info and we'll get these in the mail right away.

As for the rest of you-thank you SO much for participating (and not kicking kittens), sharing your enthusiasm as well as this post with your friends and family. To thank everyone and show my appreciation to all of you who NEED these shoes (and you do!) I am offering $5 off-today only-on the 2 NEW styles you voted for.

Gold Flats-Regularly $25 but today $20!

Double Buckle Sandal-Regularly $28 but today $23!

Because I am a boutique business I do keep inventory low so it's not a sales gig when I say I don't have a ton of inventory, so please if you want them...order up. If I run out I will do my best to get more! Thanks again, we'll definitely do it again soon. Also if you live in Southern California and you want these shoes for FREE, let's book a party-check out my site to see how.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Glittery Gold Giveaway!!!

I just got these in and tested them out-they are AMAZING! I am not-so secretly obsessed with them and plan on wearing them all the time.

If you want a chance to WIN a pair simply leave a comment saying how much you want these shoes with your email address and then do the following to gain multiple entries:

1. Become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment saying you have done so.

2. Like me on Facebook-leave a comment on the blog saying you've done so.

3. Follow me on Twitter-leave a comment on the blog saying you've done so.

Example-"Hey I am now a follower of your blog, liked you on face book and am following you on twitter. I want these shoes on my feet immediately and if you don't pick me I'll kick a kitten (okay a little extreme and you might make me nervous). bailey@gmail.com" This equals 3 entries!

If you are already follow my blog, Facebook and Twitter, just leave a comment letting me know! I hope you win.

Polls will close WEDNESDAY night and we will announce a winner THURSDAY morning. Good Luck!
**email me your comments if you do not feel comfortable leaving your email address on my blog & if you don't win there are more specials to come so stay tuned**

Monday, May 16, 2011

The winner is...

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU!!! to everyone who voted and a big BOO ON YOU to blogger for being down, erasing my comments, slashing the voting poll, etc. I just figured we had caused too much excitement over here and it crashed. We ended up with almost two hundred votes and it was sooooo close. I am excited to announce however, the newest member of the Twigg family is...bbbbddddrrrrrrr(that's the sound of a drum roll spelled out)

The GOLD SHIMMERY FLAT! We are excited to welcome you to the family and know we will find you good and fashionable homes to live.
BUT, since it was such a close race I didn't have the heart to leave out the DOUBLE BUCKLE GLADIATOR in Chesnut! It felt a little like American Idol when they surprise the last two standing and they both actually win!
Stay tuned-we will be doing a giveaway very soon. I'll let you know how to win these exciting additions. Once I post the shoes to the website I will also offer free shipping for anyone who orders that day as well. We will have a limited supply, so if you have to have them (i do) then order em up fast or send me an email with your pre-order! Also remember-if you're in the Souther California area and you want to throw a shoe party, you get a free pair as well. Info on the website.

Because I don't like to see any losers-if you were really wanting either the Braided Sandal or the Large Buckle Peep Toe please send me an e-mail requesting a preorder. If I get enough preorders I will add them as well. Now you can see my dilemma-so many cute shoes it's difficult to pick.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Become a Buyer!

I am so excited about this post! The most fun and difficult part of owning any type of retail business is the process of buying. While shopping for shoes is absolutely my favorite part of this job-not my husbands as we have zero space in our closet for another pair of shoes and I am taking over his side-it is also the most difficult. Trying to find styles that appeal to the masses yet still have originality is so difficult. I constantly get e-mails about when I'm going to have a certain style or if I carry such-and-such style. I wish I could carry them all! So this time around I thought I would give you the chance to choose!

Below I have selected some styles that I think are fun and classic but still have some personality.

Here's what you get to do:
I want YOU to vote on which style and color you'd like seen added to the Twigg shoe collection.
1. Leave your vote in the comment section along with your name and email address.
2.Become a follower of my blog

Make sure to leave your name and email address or email me at info@twiggshoes.com if you feel more comfortable. Be sure to check back often as we will do a GIVEAWAY on the winning style. Voting will close on Sunday evening, May 15th.

Here are the contestants:
Large Buckle Peep Toe
Cognac, Black & Taupe
These strappy sandals with a large buckle look great on any foot. I chose them because they can be worn with so many different styles-casual or dressy.

Ballet Flats
Gold Glitter, Leopard, Black Glitter, Black Patent Leather, Nude Patent Leather & Silver Glitter
Flats flats flats-it seems I can never carry enough of these lil suckers-so comfortable and versatile. I love that designers have bowed to the greatness of the sexy flat. My husband always prefers me in heels, but at least these are a worthy substitute. I shouldn't say it because I don't want to sway the votes, but I kinda love the glittery gold color...just sayin'.

Double Buckle Gladiator
Taupe, Black & Cognac
This style plays to my urban/jcrew side. I live in sandals in the summer and love the way these would look with a pair of jeans, fitted capri or even a skirt.

Braided Gladiator
Black, Cognac & White
It was the braided strap that sold me on this particular sandal. These have the perfect thickness of strap and again will go with so many different styles. I didn't think I'd ever love braided leather after the 90's, but here I am in love again.
Patent Leather Peep Toe
Black, Red & Nude
I have had more than one request for a nude patent leather heel, but really I think any of these colors are timeless and sexy. For those women out there doin' us proud in the work force-these will get you some good mileage. For you who just always wear heels-way to go! And for the mom's that have an occasional date night (never enough of those) or just need some Sunday Best-I love these.

I hope you like the contestants as much as I do! May the best shoe win!

**Side note-inventory is always a struggle and I tend to go through styles fairly quickly so if you want them act fast and if I get enough of a response I will reorder to try and make sure I keep enough in stock for everyone who is interested. Thanks for playing!

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Twigg Photos

My good friend Alia took time out of her busy schedule to shoot Twigg! I was so excited about working with her and now even more excited to see that her pictures turned out so well!

Check out how they look on the website to see them in action! If you're not a follower on my blog, make sure you become one, thanks.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patio Makeover!

As soon as it warms up all we want to do is spend every second outside. I'll eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside if possible. When you're in a small space it can be difficult to really make it feel inviting and spacious. We still have some more to do, but I had to take a picture of these finds. I think everything that has to do with Spring and Summer should be bright and festive.

The chairs are slightly larger than we'd like for the scale of the table, but it's fun to go outside of buying standard patio sets and mix it up a little.
I love the little votives-fun romantic lighting in the evening even makes box mac and cheese seem delicious.

Here's the breakdown:

Bistro Tabel-Cost Plus World Market $35
Orange Chairs-Home Goods $30 a piece
Rug-Cost Plus World Market $15
Votives-Cost Plus World Market $3
Glass Bottle-Home Goods $4
Hanging Succulents (I am a lover of succulents-they have amazing color and structure and you can't kill them!) $30

We need some more plants and maybe some fun little hanging lanterns, but I love to light the votives and sit out there at night and pretend I'm sitting in a cool little patio cafe in Europe-though the view of our parking lot kind of dashes those visions quickly.
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