Friday, June 15, 2012

4th of July Crafts

This year was the first year I realized I had no 4th of July decorations. I needed to change that desperately. I am leaving out of town to visit my family in California so I need to get a head start on things. And then it was great because I was able to use them for Memorial Day, Flag Day and leave them up till the 4th. 
Love how this turned out. I spent time wrapping it during SYTYCD and the Bachlorette and then finished it at a craft night at my house. It was fun teaching a bunch of girls how do to them, chat and eat yummy treats. That is part of the reason I like crafting...let's be honest.
I found the hay wreath at the Hobby Lobby and the yarn and felt stars at Michaels.
I have been loving pinwheels-so I tried my hand at them.  Just used scrapbook/cardstock paper, straight pins, erasers from pencils and the plastic sticks from the flags below.
Love how they turned out. Great little centerpiece for a BBQ. Or I may put them in the lawn along the driveway. 
And they even spin! 
I bought a bunch of flags at the Dollar Tree, took them off their plastic sticks and made a bunting with some yarn I already had. 

Feeling very festive...too bad I won't be here to enjoy them during the 4th. 
Hope these ideas inspire you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Day After

Hope ya'll (I can say that now cause I live in the South) had a great Memorial Day Weekend. I know I sure did. Full off fun at the lake, barbecuing, flying a kite and watching kids run in the sprinklers. Now that it is the day after it is time to get back to work! Wawa! Boring. But I don't what it is I love packing up each pair of shoe and get them ready to ship off to your homes. So that is what I am busy doing today. Expect your cute little package on your doorstep by the end of the week. If you weren't able to order during the busy weekend stay tuned for the next big sale!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

For 4 days only Twigg is offering 25% off all their inventory. This Friday through Monday.
 I have been off to a slow start here in Atlanta, trying to get settled and finding time to blog. But that doesn't make my love of shoes any less. So I want to make it up to you and offer a great deal this weekend. I want you to make a run for summer this weekend in one of my new pairs of sandals. Whether they are wedges, peep toes or gladiators. Don't forget about the little girls in your lives either. They need shoes too.
Buy now and save! 
And remember if you live in the Atlanta area click the "pick up/drop off" option to save on shipping in the shopping cart. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

I Am Alive in Atlanta

I thought I was dead for a while but now I am back up breathing and living. I am getting super excited about this Summer styles and especially the SANDALS!!! I am now in Atlanta, well Marietta but close enough so I will be in need of anyway to cool off my little tootsies. But in the meantime make sure you check out my spring styles and sales that I have going on right now. I can get shoes in the mail the next day and if you area please book a party! Like I said I am settled now and you should expected to see my here a lot more! Thanks for being patient with me during this transition

Friday, February 24, 2012


I took a couple ballet classes and I am hooked again. I used to dance pretty much everyday for close to 18 years. After having my second baby I decided I wanted to try it again after taking the Pure Barre classes. Those really helped me get my body ready. I can't wait to find a studio in Georgia so I can at least take a class a week. Feels so good to do something you love. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Love is in the Air

 I have had these books I bought from the Dollar Tree for months and I finally got to use some pages. I loved how this bunting turned out and it was $1!
 I also bought a couple packages of dollies also at the Dollar Tree. I just sewed them together and it make cute garland for the stairs and above our table. Nothing better than a cute inexpensive craft! Hopefully this inspires your Valentine's crafts!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Are you as obsessed as me? Why is she so pretty, classy and such great actress and singer? If only...
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