Friday, April 29, 2011

Sometimes the best shoes shoes at all.

Just got back from a little vacation where shoes were not required at anytime. Although I love to put on a good pair of shoes sometimes it's time to just get a pedicure and celebrate your feet. They are nice and rested so now it's back to work. I have some exciting new stuff coming up so stay tuned. But for now-have a barefoot day and pamper your feet!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My husband wanted some "cool" jean shorts. I wasn't sure they existed, as flash backs of the early nineties came flooding back. I was looking at Urban Outfitters and I have to say that we saw the shorts in the store and they looked great, but when I went online I was kind of grossed out. I think I don't entirely understand this new "I'm natural but disgusting" look they are trying to acheive. I think the phrase, "You are the only person who can pull that off" really is just a nice way of saying, "Hey those are ugly clothes, but I like you as person so don't be mad at me okay?" I thouhgt I'd attach some of these online shots:
(these are the shorts-except not rolled up. These legs aren't bad-they look like my husbands chicken legs)
This guy got paid for this. I don't like guys with shaved legs, but come on now. I didn't know you could actually perm your leg hair?

NOt sure what it is here, maybe it's that the hair is creeping down to his ankle-just kinda gross

I am all about new and eclectic styles, but really? Sometimes Urban is just weird. Since when to 3 versions of washed out flesh tones and ill fitted clothing look good? However she does have shaved legs and nice hair so I'll give her that.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pretty Little Things...

What is it about some items that just make you feel like a little girl again? These new "old fashion" perfume bottles from IKEA brought out this feeling in me. I saw them and snatched them up without even looking at the price ($12.95 for the set of 3). You can't help but feel a little bit glamorous when putting on perfume with an atomizer (confession-I looked up this word, it sounds so much more fancy than spray-bulb-thingy). I even gave this picture a little antique look so you can sense the old Hollywood Glam. Love em!

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's KNOT just a bracelet...

Extremely cheesy title I know, but I couldn't resist. It doesn't even really make sense since it really is just a bracelet. Anyway the point is that though I like doing crafts and I am constantly surrounded by extremely crafty and inspiring friends sometime it's nice to find a $5 bracelet that could be made at home, but isn't. I am sure many of you could make this and probably do a better job, but I love this cheap little find. I love how a simple accessory can make me feel like my outfit is complete. I can wear the same thing over and over, but when I add this little and simple number somehow I feel "ready"...maybe even cute at times. If you're loving it, it can be found at H&M. If anyone makes one I would love to see the results...maybe even invite me over for a craft night.

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