Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Shipping & Gift Wrapping!!!

Want a cute pair of shoes or boots for Christmas, but don't want to pay shipping?! Well guess what you can!
One week of free shipping and gift wrapping!!!
Take advantage of this opportunity before Christmas.
All orders will need to be shipped by December 22nd, so make sure to order by Monday next week. Please click the "pick up/drop off" option to avoid shipping charges. And if you want your items gifted wrapped make sure to mention it in the shipping message box. Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Congratulations Heather Kunz!
You are the winner of this gorgeous purple button flat!
Thanks everyone for your participation! This was really fun for me! And for those of you who didn't win this time don't you worry there will be plenty more discounts and freebies this holiday season! Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Giveaway: Free Pair of Shoes!!!

It is that time of year again...the Holidays! They are getting closer! So I thought we'd do a little giveaway for you...or if you are nice to someone you know!
Want this super cute purple ballet flat? That I sell for $22?!

It is simple! All you have to do is tell me your name below, become a follower on this blog on the right side by clicking "follow" and "like" my facebook page. For another entry make a comment on my facebook page and tell your friends about the giveaway and link them to the website And if you want a 3rd entry browse through the website and tell me your favorite shoe. And those of you who are ambitious can even blog about it for a 4th entry! Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why are you SO scared of me?!

One of the most talked about things when at a Twigg Shoe party is the infamous "Skinny Jean!" Why is everyone so panicked when the word "skinny" is brought up. Guess is just the name of the jean. Doesn't mean you have to be "skinny." For example, Boyfriend you have to have a boyfriend in order to wear them? Nope. You don't. The Skinny Jean is in. And will be in for a while so please do yourself and your boots a favor and go get some. It is the only way that your boots will look good if you want to wear them with jeans. You don't have to wear them any other time if you don't want to or you feel like a little like a triangle. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the look. You can find a pair as inexpensive as the pair above for $9.50 at Forever21. Trust me your wardrobe will thank me!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Nail Polish Trends

Pick your poison...

1. Purples: This provocative shade is leading the pack in fall nail colors.
elf, $1.00-Plum
2. Metallics: Elements of precious metals twinkle and shine throughout theses deep, eye-catching shades that pack an almost vampy, multi-hued luminosity.
Chanel, $23-Kaleidoscope
3. Neutrals: If basic instinct is more your game, go with the understated power of soft cream shades that channel the crushed leaves of a crisp fall season or the buttery softness of a timeless fabric.
Essie, $8-Sew Psyched
4. Gem Tones: Striking color rules with these rich, jewel-tone shades that perfectly transition your digits from a playful summer to a rich, technicolor fall.
OPI, $8.50-Cookoo for Color

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My New Favorite Brand

e.l.f Cosmetics-Eyes Lips Face
I was shopping for a new lip gloss and stubbled upon this gem! You all know I love a bargain, so this line is perfect for me! For only $1 you get SPF, a gloss, tint, and a delicious flavor and scent! I am hooked!

Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15-Malt Shake

I want to go out and try all their great stuff!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 Pairs of Jeans You Must Own

Boyfriend, $79.50
Skinny, $17.80
Paige Jeans,, $189.00

If you don't own all these styles please do yourself a favor and go get them!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great Summer Buys Under $30!

Everything you need this season-skirts, tops, bags and more!-at prices you'll drool over!
A Set of Bangles
-Mix an armload of metal, beaded, jeweled and colorful styles (, $6.80)

Boho Beach Totes
-Toss all your gear into a roomy, bright and boldly patterned carryall (, $15)
Trendy Tees & Tanks
-Put on the newest embellished or silk-screened looks (, $24)
Flirty Skirts
-A printed, swingy style feels fresh and light (, $29.99)

Monday, June 7, 2010

White Jeans!

A summer staple that is fresh and totally flattering!
Why they're great-They look great on anyone and the tailored look makes these crisp and classic!
Why they're great-They're body skimming but not tight. Pair with heels to look slim and sleek. The stretchy, lightweight fabric means they're very comfy!
Why they're great-These cute capris dress up or down easily-wear with flats on casul weekends or heels to a party!

How to shop these styles
1. Look for clean lines-A simple pair is the most versatile. Steer clear of bright or bold stitching, wild pockets or buttons.
2. Find the right fabric-Aviod see-through white where you can see your pockets through the fabric. If you love that pair-considering cutting out the pockets and sewing them back up!
3. Choose the right undergarments! Seamless lines please!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Twigglets Have Arrived

Pardon the pun, but Twigg is "branching" out. We thought, what better product to introduce than little girls shoes? It's never to early to instruct these little ones in the ways of fashion. We are excited about this line and hope you are too. More styles will arrive shortly, but these ones are going fast. Click HERE to check out our new page and HERE for online ordering.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Tuck Or Not To Tuck?

A little styling can instantly change an easy top and jeans!
The Full-tuck-belted or not, it's polished and figure flattering
The Half-Tuck-just a little in the front adds edge to any outfit
The Un-tuck-the slouchy look is cool and comfy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stripes for Every Body

Bold stripes and hugs in the right areas to create curves-I so want this dress!
Horizontal stripes broaden your small upper body and a-line skirt with small stripes slim down the hips-genius!
Knee length always flatters you and diagonal lines highlight your smallest part...your waist. Fitted but not tight!
Plus Size
This black band accents your middle and deep v-neck draws the eye up. Smaller stripes soften your curves, not compete with them-perfect for a night out!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Color Are You?

Read on to find what colors look best for your skin tone: Are you Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring?

Why is it that when you slip into that fabulous red dress or your favourite blue shirt, your spirit is instantly lifted? That special piece of clothing can make you feel beautiful and radiant. Aside from the fit and material, the color could be the major attraction.

Color is our best weapon when it comes to fashion. A flattering shade can give your skin and appearance a healthy glow. Conversely, the wrong hue can give you a sickly, washed-out appearance.

Colors and Seasons

Your complexion and coloring determines which colors work best on you. Take careful analysis of your skin tone, natural hair color and eye color. To help find the undertone color of your skin, look at the inside of your arm in natural daylight. Then, with the help of the list below, decide which season most accurately describes your complexion. Once you know your season, you will have a personalized guideline of colors and shades that work best for you.


Winter is a cool tone. People with winter complexions have blue or pink/rosy undertones. Skin can be pale and porcelain white, yellowish-olive, or dark. Winters are generally brunettes with deeply colored eyes. Many Asians and African Americans fall into this category. Natural white-
blonds may also be winters.

Best Colors for Winter

Those with the winter color profile have a lot of depth to their coloring and a lot of contrast between their hair color, eye color and skin tone. Winters should wear hues that are sharp, stark and clear. You will look best in intense, rich colors, like black, navy blue, red, and hot pink. These powerful shades will compliment your coloring. For lighter colors, wear bright white or icy pastels, such as like cool blues, pinks and yellows.
Worst Colors for Winter

Avoid dressing in earthy tones and subdued colors like beige, orange and gold. They will make you look faded and ashen.


Summer is also a cool tone and like winter complexions, the summers among us have blue or pink undertones. Skin is very pale and pink. Summer coloring usually occurs in natural blonds, and even pale-skinned brunettes with pale eyes. If you’re a trying to discriminate between winter and summer, winters are usually brunettes and summers are mostly natural blonds.

Best Colors for Summer

Summers have a low level of contrast between their hair, eye color and skin tone. For you to look your best, choose soft neutrals and pastels, as well as muted colors with cool undertones. Powder blue, dusty pink, mauve, lavender, plum, and pale yellow are all great color choices.
Worst Colors for Summer

Avoid intense, vivid hues because they will look harsh and drown you out. Nor should you wear earth tones. Stay away from black and orange.


Autumn is a warm tone and people with this complexion have golden undertones in their skin, like a pale peach, golden beige or golden brown. Many redheads and brunettes with golden brown eyes fall into this category. However, golden blond and black hair coloring can also fall into this range.

Best Colors for Autumn

You have a lot of depth to your coloring and skin tone. Rich golden, spicy and earthy colors will accent your complexion. Therefore, look for a warm undertone when selecting a color. You can wear both muted and rich warm colors that are seen in autumn leaves and spice colors, such as
camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, and dark brown. You will also look great in a rich warm grey.
Do you not just love this dress? I am partial because I am an Autumn too.
Worst Colors for Autumn

Stay away from clear, bright colors and black and white, which will make your look tired and faded. Also steer clear of pastels and blue tones, which will look cold against your complexion and give you a pale appearance.


Spring is also a warm tone. People of this complexion have subtle golden undertones and are usually creamy white or peach. Springs have extremely light, ivory skin color. People of this coloring are usually natural golden blonds, auburn, or strawberry blond redheads. Springs also have very clear, light blue and green coloured eyes. Freckles and rosy cheeks are also characteristics of this group.

If you can’t decide weather you are an autumn or a spring, springs tend to have pale eyes while autumns have dark eyes.

Best Colors for Spring

Springs can wear very pale, soft colors, such as peach, camel, golden yellow,golden brown, and aqua. You will also look fabulous in ivory, bright greens, true reds, clear blues and coral.

Your colors may be particularly hard to find because they can never be too muted or too dark.

Worst Colors for Spring

Avoid black and white, which are too contrasting for you. Also stay away from dark, dull colors.

And even if you can’t determine your “season”, you will often know when a color looks great on you. The perfect color has the astonishing ability to brighten your look and lift your spirit!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big Bold Wedges

Bright colors, unexpected textures and notice-me accents up the fashion factor on these bold wedges that are so-right-now...

"Wood, leather and suede wedges can go day or night! Anything with rope, cork or fabric is a great casual option" -Nicole Chavez, celeb stylist

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Latest & Greatest

These Spring Must-Haves are now available in size 6-11 online at Twigg!!
Orange Pleated Flats $22
Red Button Flats $22
Purple Button Flat $22
Mustard Suede MaryJane Wedges $28
Teal Wooden Wedge with Buckle $28

**All shoes are $2-3 less when purchased at a party

Monday, February 8, 2010

World Shoe & Accessories Convention in Vegas

Level 1 of 3 of the WSA--my feet started hurting just thinking about all the floors; yet they were already drooling (feet do that, some call it sweat) at all the amazing new styles.
This year's shoe convention, WSA-It Pays to Think Inside the Box, was amazing. Not only is it amazing to see all the new styles of shoes, but just the amount of work, creativity, and effort that goes into these trade show booths is inspiring.
One thing is for sure, you don't want to be wearing any of these sexy shoes below the day of the convention; I would actually recommend some type of orthopedic/athletic shoe. After 3 stories of nothing but shoes at the Mandalay Bay, I'm surprised I still have feet.

This year's theme--catchy don't you think?
Just some of the amazing trade show booths these companies come up with.
This booth was my favorite--I wished I could have taken more pictures, but it was complete with black crystal chandeliers. I wanted to live there.
New MaryJane-style pumps-get on my feet!
Denim and Studs--look for it this season
Who isn't a sucker for these chained, jeweled flats. It's like heavy metal meets comfortable
Just looking at these sandals made me dream of far away beaches and sunshine.

Taking last year's style and giving it some depth--can't go wrong here.
Classic shape with some stitching--It's "sew" cute, and with patent leather material--just stop.
Again with the sunshine and beaches, but maybe for lunch at a cafe in the Mediterranean
We saw this sandal in quite a few places--I love the color and movement
So we've toyed with the idea of starting a little girls line--this definitely increased our desire--Can we say Twigglets? What mom doesn't want her daughter wearing these little sandals?!
The clog sandals! Earthy leather and wood soles give a boho vibe, but the platform and super-high heel up the sex appeal.
Let's just say we learned a lot and are super excited for this upcoming year and all the new fashions!
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