Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Post & FAQ's

For our first post, we think it would most appropriate to start by answering some of the most common questions we get asked about our company or hosting a party:

1. The biggest question is, "Is this your company or part of a pyramid scheme?"

Answer: This is OUR thing! We have a passion for shoes; it's that simple. We are not interested in making millions of dollars in a weeks time or driving around pink Cadillacs. We're interested in shoes and want to share affordable style with other Recesionistas (Fashionistas on a budget because of the recession in case you were wondering about the term).

2. Do I have to DO anything for the party?

Answer: Nope, well except invite your friends. There is never any pressure to buy. It's just a girls night. We will send you invitatons and you tell your friends. Then just make some snacks or have your friends bring them, hang out, chat and try on shoes!

3. What if I don't live in Southern California? Do you travel out of state?

Answer: We are a very small business, so most of our parties will be in Southern California. We started a website so we could share the wealth with everyone, because unfortunately it doesn't always make sense for us to drive 500 miles to sell one pair of shoes-though we'd love to. If we can get a few parties booked in one location and it makes financial sense--we'll be there! We are planning on heading to AZ the 4th week in Feb--if you are a "Zoni" and you love shoes, book a date! We will be headed to Vegas and Utah soon as well so stay tuned!

4. Do you design your own shoes?

Answer: We wish we were that good. We are buyers not designers. What we love to do is check out shoe vendors all over the nation and find the best styles and sell them to you for a great price!

5. What happens if you don't have my size? Can you special order it?

Answer: We order the shoes in what they call "runs". Each run comes with a certain number of each size--once we're out, we're out. We can reorder another run, but we only do that if we can tell we will be able to sell out of another run. (Which we've done--check out the Snake Skin Peep Toe--they look good on EVERYONE).

Tip: If you want it, get it while it's hot.

6. Do I get the shoes at the party or just order them there?

Answer: We bring ALL our inventory with us. Who doesn't love instant gratification?

7. How do you keep them so affordable?

Answer: Magic. Just kidding. Like we said, we're not here to make millions, just enough to keep our shoe addiction fed. We buy them direct like any other shoe store, but our store front is either your living room or the web--both incredible places to do business. By cutting out all that overhead, we can keep costs where they should be--affordable.

Here's to our first blog! Feel free to comment here or e-mail us at info@twiggshoes.com. Check back often, as we love to solicit feedback on new styles we're thinking about picking up as well as just sharing valuable style tips and other random info.


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