Monday, June 7, 2010

White Jeans!

A summer staple that is fresh and totally flattering!
Why they're great-They look great on anyone and the tailored look makes these crisp and classic!
Why they're great-They're body skimming but not tight. Pair with heels to look slim and sleek. The stretchy, lightweight fabric means they're very comfy!
Why they're great-These cute capris dress up or down easily-wear with flats on casul weekends or heels to a party!

How to shop these styles
1. Look for clean lines-A simple pair is the most versatile. Steer clear of bright or bold stitching, wild pockets or buttons.
2. Find the right fabric-Aviod see-through white where you can see your pockets through the fabric. If you love that pair-considering cutting out the pockets and sewing them back up!
3. Choose the right undergarments! Seamless lines please!

1 comment:

  1. I'm not gonna lie, they frighten me a little. I have a hard enough time finding blue jeans... but white jeans!? I noticed that all the pictures you posted they have white jeans and gray cardigans, I see a trend!


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