Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why are you SO scared of me?!

One of the most talked about things when at a Twigg Shoe party is the infamous "Skinny Jean!" Why is everyone so panicked when the word "skinny" is brought up. Guess what...it is just the name of the jean. Doesn't mean you have to be "skinny." For example, Boyfriend Jeans...do you have to have a boyfriend in order to wear them? Nope. You don't. The Skinny Jean is in. And will be in for a while so please do yourself and your boots a favor and go get some. It is the only way that your boots will look good if you want to wear them with jeans. You don't have to wear them any other time if you don't want to or you feel like a little like a triangle. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the look. You can find a pair as inexpensive as the pair above for $9.50 at Forever21. Trust me your wardrobe will thank me!


  1. I am verrrrry curvy so I've always avoided these but found a cute stretchy dark denim pair at Target for $12 and I love them. Somehow I think a boot cut hides my curves...not true. I love them with heels and boots and even flip flops. So true. This post speaks to me.

  2. also, skinny's aren't just for model legs. they are great for petite girls too because they don't overwhelm you with fabric. F21 is always out of my size when i go...sigh.

  3. love my skinny jeans and I totally agree that you DONT have to be skinny to wear them. I have of the same pair from Forever 21 that were $12 and I wear them on a rotating basis.

    PS I love all my shoes I bought at the last party!!

  4. ok so after i read this post i decided that i needed to get some skinny jeans at least when wearing my boots. i broke down and bought some. yes, my boots look much better with the jeans, but seriously they shouldn't make skinny jeans in my size:-) i feel super uncomfortable wearing them without boots on. here's too a great year of dropping a couple pants sizes:-)
    briana j


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