Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes You Gotta Splurge

So it's tax return season and though we probably are still in the hole somehow, it feels as though we get "free" money. What I want to know is what you splurge on? We try and be frugal throughout the year, but do you have those certain items you just have to have even though you know it's probably too much? Here are a couple of items that I LOVE and though there are less expensive versions out there, I just have to have it. So tell me, with your tax return money in hand-what are you going to stock up on?

Burt's Bees. I probably buy 5 to 10 of these a year. My husband always gets mad when I lose them, but nothing works or feels the same.

I don't know what kind of magical concoction are in these things, but something about the smell makes it worth the price. I don't care where you search, you won't find a better scent.

It could be the packaging, the marketing, but really I think it's the quality. I try and hold out as long as possible without it, but it's something you just gotta have.

All right that's me, now share your "must haves" that are worth your tax return dollars...or regular dollars. We all like new and excited things to buy so start sharing!


  1. I totally splurge on OPI nail polish! Normally I can't get myself to spend $8 on it but when I have had a bad day and fell like I deserve something extra I like to add a new color to the collection.

  2. I love the make-up remover/face wipes. The water is practically free but cleaning your face with one of those fresh scented jobs is just the best feeling!

  3. I've been trying to figure out what to put here! I think my most regular splurge to me is good shampoo and conditioner. My hair texture doesn't do well with cheapo s/c, the nice stuff makes a huge difference. ULTA has good prices and good sales and coupons.


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