Monday, May 16, 2011

The winner is...

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU!!! to everyone who voted and a big BOO ON YOU to blogger for being down, erasing my comments, slashing the voting poll, etc. I just figured we had caused too much excitement over here and it crashed. We ended up with almost two hundred votes and it was sooooo close. I am excited to announce however, the newest member of the Twigg family is...bbbbddddrrrrrrr(that's the sound of a drum roll spelled out)

The GOLD SHIMMERY FLAT! We are excited to welcome you to the family and know we will find you good and fashionable homes to live.
BUT, since it was such a close race I didn't have the heart to leave out the DOUBLE BUCKLE GLADIATOR in Chesnut! It felt a little like American Idol when they surprise the last two standing and they both actually win!
Stay tuned-we will be doing a giveaway very soon. I'll let you know how to win these exciting additions. Once I post the shoes to the website I will also offer free shipping for anyone who orders that day as well. We will have a limited supply, so if you have to have them (i do) then order em up fast or send me an email with your pre-order! Also remember-if you're in the Souther California area and you want to throw a shoe party, you get a free pair as well. Info on the website.

Because I don't like to see any losers-if you were really wanting either the Braided Sandal or the Large Buckle Peep Toe please send me an e-mail requesting a preorder. If I get enough preorders I will add them as well. Now you can see my dilemma-so many cute shoes it's difficult to pick.

1 comment:

  1. ha, bbbbdddddrrrrr. you are funny. p.s. have you guys been following idol? we want haley to win and don't know why j.lo is such a hater.


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