Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Have Our Winner...and a little something for everyone!!!


You are the GOLDEN GLITTERY winner!!!
Teishi Kennedy said...

I follow Twigg on your blog, facebook, and Twitter and I LOVE your fun shoes! Thanks for a great giveaway. (I'm also posting your giveaway on my blog because it's too good to resist.)
Teishi Kennedy

The most ironic and fun/amazing part about this is when we looked you up you have a blog called "I Need More Glitter." Ask and ye shall receive! We are so happy for you and only ask one thing. When you get these sparkling beauties that you get all fancy, snap us a quick shot and e-mail it back so we can post about this happy home. I am hoping to get everyone who buys a pair to send me a little pick so we can do an, "In Her Shoes..." chain of blogs. There are so many amazing women out there and I would love to get a glimpse of the streets you're walkin' and the styles you're rockin'! So Teishi e-mail us with your shoe size and info and we'll get these in the mail right away.

As for the rest of you-thank you SO much for participating (and not kicking kittens), sharing your enthusiasm as well as this post with your friends and family. To thank everyone and show my appreciation to all of you who NEED these shoes (and you do!) I am offering $5 off-today only-on the 2 NEW styles you voted for.

Gold Flats-Regularly $25 but today $20!

Double Buckle Sandal-Regularly $28 but today $23!

Because I am a boutique business I do keep inventory low so it's not a sales gig when I say I don't have a ton of inventory, so please if you want them...order up. If I run out I will do my best to get more! Thanks again, we'll definitely do it again soon. Also if you live in Southern California and you want these shoes for FREE, let's book a party-check out my site to see how.


  1. Are you kidding ME??? I am over the moon! This has to be the greatest week ever: Two days ago, I was pressed up against the stage at a U2 concert. Yesterday, Apple replaced my shattered iPhone for free. And today THIS! (I need to get to Vegas...) Thank you! Thank you!

    size 7.5

  2. Sniff, sniff. I'm loving those gladiators today... hmmm, wonder if Mike will mind :)


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