Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Excuses

I love a good excuse to try a new recipe and idea. It was my good friend's 30th birthday and her husband planned a surprise party and we were in charge of the cake. He told us that Kit Kat's were her favorite and I remember seeing a cake done like this so I thought I'd try my hand at it. And I have seen a bunch of these little banners like this and thought the cake needed one for sure! And since I left it plain I will be able to use it again and again. After I baked a regular cake box mix I used roughly 36 Kit Kat and broke them apart every two bars. Then poured a bag of M&M's on the top and tied it with a ribbon so it would give it a little more support. My daughter and I happened to eat at Panda Express the day before and I just grabbed an extra pair of chopsticks for the banned and used a diamond stencil and paper I had laying around. I love how it turned out and my friend was very surprised and love her cake!


  1. That cake looks amazing! I might have to copy you at some point.

  2. ADORABLE! I love it!! I might have to make a version of this for my next party! Great job Erica!


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