Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Shoes & New Chapter

The best part about being a buyer is you get to shop a season or two ahead. So though it's cold (well somewhere I'm sure it is), I get a peek into the spring lines. I will be excited to get new sandals and open toes, but in the meantime I found the perfect transitional shoe. These Zig Zag Flats I bought up immediately. I like these because they look great with a lot of Winter clothes, but they will easily transition into Spring...and let's be honest, into Summer and probably for a good year or two for me. When I find a winner I wear those suckers out. 
The good news is they are ready for sale on Twiggshoes.com, the bad news for some and good news for others is that Twigg is moving! Yup, we are moving to The South ya'll...Atlanta to be exact. Though we are a little nervous for the big change, I am so excited to check out all the charm and style-not to mention food, that the south has to offer. My husband lived there for awhile before and loved it. More to come on all the details!
Moving means packin' up shop! We will be moving Twigg at the end of February and closed the month of March-yikes! So those who have thought about party or buying shoes-now is the time. We will open up promptly in Atlanta at the start of April but shipping for my West Coast customers will be more. I have already had some requests for these shoes, so get your orders in. So much to do and so little time! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. 


  1. What?!? Atlanta?? That is so exciting/crazy. I feel like we need to get together soon, I want to see you before you move, and hear all the details.

  2. oh my gosh Erica!!! What a change. I can't believe it. Would love to hear more on this adventure!!!!


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