Monday, April 11, 2011

Pretty Little Things...

What is it about some items that just make you feel like a little girl again? These new "old fashion" perfume bottles from IKEA brought out this feeling in me. I saw them and snatched them up without even looking at the price ($12.95 for the set of 3). You can't help but feel a little bit glamorous when putting on perfume with an atomizer (confession-I looked up this word, it sounds so much more fancy than spray-bulb-thingy). I even gave this picture a little antique look so you can sense the old Hollywood Glam. Love em!


  1. My grandma totally had purfume bottles with those on them and I loved to play with them!

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure great-grandma Crockett had some of those. I love them. I want to go to IKEA with you, K?


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