Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My husband wanted some "cool" jean shorts. I wasn't sure they existed, as flash backs of the early nineties came flooding back. I was looking at Urban Outfitters and I have to say that we saw the shorts in the store and they looked great, but when I went online I was kind of grossed out. I think I don't entirely understand this new "I'm natural but disgusting" look they are trying to acheive. I think the phrase, "You are the only person who can pull that off" really is just a nice way of saying, "Hey those are ugly clothes, but I like you as person so don't be mad at me okay?" I thouhgt I'd attach some of these online shots:
(these are the shorts-except not rolled up. These legs aren't bad-they look like my husbands chicken legs)
This guy got paid for this. I don't like guys with shaved legs, but come on now. I didn't know you could actually perm your leg hair?

NOt sure what it is here, maybe it's that the hair is creeping down to his ankle-just kinda gross

I am all about new and eclectic styles, but really? Sometimes Urban is just weird. Since when to 3 versions of washed out flesh tones and ill fitted clothing look good? However she does have shaved legs and nice hair so I'll give her that.

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  1. Oh...i totally agree! A friend's son wore these shorts and he's not a slightly built guy. He's not overweight, but just not petite...and I was afraid...I personally wouldn't put them on a petite guy either! I actually don't mind all the other shorts you showed...and I love my husband in shorts and flip flops...but those tight jean shorts are not good.


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