Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My New Do

Yup I finally did it! I have been talking about going dark for years and I finally pulled the trigger. And yes, this is dark for me. I was going for a more golden blonde with more of my natural color for the fall and winter. We definitely achieved a more natural color but not so much golden blonde. So not exactly what I wanted but I still like the change. And should be so low maintenance which is great for my current stage of life. What do you think? Definitely taking some getting used to.


  1. i love it! looks really pretty and healthy! i needed a change too and just chopped mine off last week and am still deciding if it was a good idea...

  2. looks great! very natural! i am going to finally bite the bullet and color my hair for the first time in the next couple of weeks. sooo scared, but i figured, hey if i'm going to color my hair, why not go red?? i'm seriously thinking about it!!

  3. It looks so good! Its always fun for a change, especially in the fall I love to go darker! What does Ryan think?


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