Monday, November 21, 2011

Opinions Please

I got such great feedback on the last post where I asked your opinion and you are my consumers, so I thought it only appropriate to ask again. I love a good trend and right now there are some really fun styles. Whether they last for years or just another couple seasons-these styles are totally worth it. So cast your vote and tell me which shoe you think I should add to my collection.

Oxford Wedge-It took me awhile to catch on to the oxford shoe for women; I always liked them on others, but was too scared to wear it myself. I have loved how they have merged into classic shoe styles. This oxford wedge I can imagine wearing with so many outfits. Thoughts?
Double-Wrap Peacock Wedge-I am a sucker for this color, especially for the fall and winter. I think it has classic enough lines that you can pull off something formal, but is still casual enough for every day wear-especially the working girl.

Braided Pump-If you know me, you'll know that these should already be in my closet-I just can't decide on the color. My husband likes this color and I like the rust below...HELP!

Zig Zag Flat-Definitely a trend right now, but I think the colors and pattern are awesome and will stick around for awhile. Mom of two, I can't have enough flats. You have to see these on your feet they look a million times better than this blurry photo. 

Thank for all your thoughts and opinions. Be honest and give me your feedback. Who knows, maybe we'll have another giveaway right before Christmas if you love these styles as much as I do. 


  1. The Oxford wedge! No question! They are adorable!

  2. ooh, my favorites are the zigzag flats and i will definitely buy them if you get them! i'm into oxford wedges but i'm not sure about the peeptoe. i'd have to see it on.

  3. i love the rust heels. i would totally buy those!

  4. I like the oxford wedge, but tend to think I'd like it a little better without the peeptoe. I am, however, very in love with the mustard braided pump and the double wrap peacock wedges! So cute!!

  5. Love the Oxford Wedge, just don't know if I could pull those off, the Peacock is so cute, I love a pop of color on my shoes. And I love the rust color for the braided pumps! Flats are always comfy and the zig zags are a fun cute design!! As always you have great taste in shoes!!


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