Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Christmas DIY

I have just been in craft mode these days and when I find a little inspiration it makes it so easy for me to take off with it. Lucky for me, my friends and I had a craft night to help me get started on my projects. I had seen this garland on Pinterest and knew I needed it. Well after seeing that felt balls cost close to $25 for 100 I nixed that idea and thought about pom poms. 
 All I needed was a large needle, thin crochet yarn, and 5 bags of pom poms  (we have a 7 foot tree). They have a lot of colors to choose from at Michaels but I thought this mixed bag worked well with our tree. And instead of $25 per 100, they were $2.79. Much more like it. So it turned out to be close to $17 for the whole thing.
 So much like my last tutorial I just strung the pom poms on in the patterned I liked. This time was much easier though since I didn't have to tie knots to make them evenly spaced. The pom poms are just hard enough that they will stay pretty well without knots. Unless you have young kids that you know are going to be pulling on it. Happened once when my daughter got mad and yanked the garland off the tree on the way to time out-no biggie though I just pulled them apart again. 

 I tried to make a line as long as possible stringing to the middle as far as I could pull without getting it tangled. Then I would change the needle to the other side and go toward the middle again. This made it so much faster then trying to string all the way to the end of the yarn. 
I love the way it turned out. We went the inexpensive route this year since we won't even be here for Christmas and got a douglas fir which aren't my favorite.  However, with the added garland it gave the tree just  right amount of character. I can't wait to use this year after year.

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  1. this is so funny because when i was at michael's i bought some little ornaments to copy the fireplace garland you made and i saw these and got them also! mine are in solids though, and they are already strung together. and i thought the same thing about making the wool garland ones. love these craft posts.


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